Beverley Daniels graduated as a fine art painter from Winchester School of Art in 1995. For the next thirteen years, she painted landscapes from her Fareham studio which she exhibited and sold in the UK and abroad.

In 2008 she began teaching art to adults, organising and tutoring regular classes and art holidays. Whilst she enjoyed the experience of teaching it left no time for her own painting. In 2016 she joined the Arches studio community in Southampton to focus on her own art once more.

She has begun by experimenting with mixed media inspired by landscape, seascape and portraits.

My inspiration

I was born and live in Hampshire, England. A keen walker with an appreciation of the South Downs and the Solent I am fascinated by the way light changes a landscape. In my work, I aim to capture those fleeting moments when nature is at its most awe-inspiring and beautiful.

Structural elements of the land and coast rarely change whereas, the light and weather conditions have a transformative and unpredictable power.

I navigate a balance between controlled drawing, masking techniques and out of control paint in an attempt to find an equivalent to that moment in the landscape.